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In Memory of BILL " EPOMAN" HALCOMB Tribute Page

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand



Into the day came darkness,
A beginning, to an end,
Red rose petal, turned brown
Calm skies, stormy weather,
Renewed day, New rose fully bloomed,
A new beginning formed,
A friend gone, memory alive
If tears could bring him back, He’d be standing here today,
Laughing, joking, encouraging.

God called our friend home, Worthy of being made whole
He now walks with Jesus, He doesn’t need that chair
All the pain is gone now It was just too much to bear,
From darkness to light, And a fresh new start
To have that perfect body, He dreamed about for years
We will pay the price With all our countless tears.
Rest now, Brother

The Man I Never Met
We never met face to face in life,You were my friend anyway.
We often spoke over Skype Or we talked on line.
Or we posted messages To pass the time.
I never met you. You were my friend anyway.
We talked about the disease That brought us together With many, many people.
You told of your experiences. I told of mine.
Together we made it through A few rough spots in our lives.
I never met you You were my friend anyway.
You had thirteen years on dialysis To my eight years.
I looked up to you as my role model. If he can do 13, I can get up and do mine.
I guess eventually I will surpass your number.
I never met you You were my friend anyway. You and I,
We had plans To get together. I will go anyway. In your memory.
I lift my cup of ice chips To you! I guess I am never going to meet you.
You are still my friend anyway!

Oh what great sadness we all now feel,
On hearing of the loss of our hero, Bill.
So now we must carry on his dream,
And work together as a team.
For this is what he would have us to do,
In the hard times to see each other through,
So may we all together unite, In memory of Epo, and for his web site.

My Ode To Epo
There was this man called “Epo” He made a big impression
His site made sure I didn’t suffer depression
He had some rules and a spell check
And there were times I could hide under a deck
But it was a place we all could meet
It was like he said “Hey, take a seat”
He told us some stories and some facts
And I even have met a person called KITKATZ
There are games to play, Hey Asteroids is my one
Where my high score is out of reach and I hope my playing days are done
Cause there is better places to be on this site
Places where it is shining bright
All due to a man and his vision
And it’s better than watching television
This place we are all drawn for the same reason
We have even sent each other gifts for the Season
I hate the reason we are all here
But there is one man I love for it and one day I will give him a beer
But hopefully that will be for a long time
See that man has left us now
He had to see the man upstairs and for now
To us said “CIAO” But you see he has left us IHD And you and I must all agree
It’s like he has opened the car door and given us the Key
“Take a Ride” he says and this car is one hell of a ride
You’ll all do alright cause you will have me on your side
“I’ll be overlooking you all” “And making sure you won’t fall”
“I’ve left you in safe hands with Goofynina and Sluff and it won’t be long till lil Epokid gets tough
So for now from Epo its hasta la vista All I can say hell we are all gonna miss ya RIP EPOMAN

May peace and love be with all who know this man,
May peace and love be with his family always, and follow them wherever they may be,
Epoman will forever be with us,
I will be forever grateful.
With My caring thoughts

My Cyber-Space Friend
I made a friend in cyber-space Never met him face to face.
I reached one day and there he was He said come with me and join my cause.
I followed him to a place called There I found my peace I found my calm.
We had one thing in common... we hated dialysis
We were tired of people saying we were just being ridiculous.
" For 18 months I had my friend
I guess they are right...all good things must come to an end.
I'll miss you my cyber friend.

He was too young to die. He was a hero in his tme.
We will all miss him Miss you Guy

Journey Home
My journey starts with a soft voice calling me into the night.
I am lifted up and drawn toward a beautiful light.
I am leaving my family, friends and all other earthly things.
I am like a bird going toward the heavens, trying out my new wings.
But as I soar upward everything becomes so clear.
Special arms are wrapped around me, removing all my fears, and pain.
I am an eagle, climbing high over the pine trees, the lakes and the land.
A special love is gently leading me, taking me by the hand. That same voice promising I'll see you some day.
But please--do not grieve for me yet, for my soul and spirit are finally free
I go at peace into eternity.. Rest in peace Bill.

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