Why was IHD Created?

I created this site for people like myself who have the unfortunate fate of having to live on dialysis. I started this site when I finally got tired of "other" sites editing or deleting my posts because I had a complaint about a center, or when I just wanted to rant about one of the frustrations we all face everyday.


Why The Site Name?

Don't be fooled by the name, we are not being negative, we just hate dialysis. Just as a cancer patient deals with chemotherapy and does it to survive, well so do we. Yes, it keeps us alive but this is not what living should be like. So yes, even though dialysis keeps me alive, I hate it. Some people have commented to me, "How can you be so ungrateful? Dialysis is keeping you alive." Well, I am grateful there is dialysis to keep me alive, however I still hate it. Please come to the forums and see what we are all about. And if you decide to join our site, be sure to drop over to the "Introduce Yourself" section in the forums and tell us your story.


Why Hate?

I would like to add one last thing, I understand HATE is a strong word, and I understand some people will be turned off from this site just because this site is named I Hate Dialysis.com, but I ask those of you who are reading this to have an open mind and realize that living with kidney failure is a terrible thing and it takes its toll on a person's physical and emotional well-being. There is a saying that goes around, "A person will NOT die from kidney failure, however, he or she will die from complications of kidney failure.

For Everyone

This site is for everyone on dialysis: In-center Hemo, Home-Hemo, Daily Hemo, Nocturnal Hemo, C.A.P.D., C.C.P.D., or if you are a spouse or caregiver of a patient. Plus, even if you are not on dialysis but work in the dialysis field, you are welcome here, too. Even if you have a transplant and it's working great you're welcome here.


Now go to the FORUMS and let your voice be heard. Or maybe you just stumbled onto this site and have no idea what dialysis is (lucky you). Be sure to check out the F.A.Q. section on the forums to read all about what dialysis and kidney failure are all about.

Epoman / Owner

-Creator of ihatedialysis.com


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