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Epowife - Owner of Website and Forums

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Kitkatz - Admin 2014 to present; Moderator 2007-2014

I started hemodialysis at the ripe old age of 36 in 1998. I found purely by accident while surfing the internet. I joined in June of 2006. The site quickly became my primary support group for all things dialysis. I became an administrator in January 2014.

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Rerun - Admin 2006-Present

I started dialysis in 1987 with no warning of kidney disease.

Hemo June 1987 to October 1987
PD November 1987 to February 1988
Transplant Feb 16, 1988 to September 2005
Hemo September 2005 to current
I have been an member since September 2005. saved my life.

Rerun was the first moderator for
She became an administrator in 2014.

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Darthvadar - Moderator 2014-Present

I'm 51 years old and I am a former carer from Dublin, Ireland... I was caring for my mum. What makes me slightly different, as a carer, is that I'm a wheelchair user due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

My late mum, Elsie had Kidney Failure, and was mainly on Peritoneal Dialysis. Occasionally on Haemo. Mum also had Parkinson's Disease, was a wheelchair user, and was very shaky, so all of her care needs fell to me, including her dialysis.

I found IHD one terribly difficult night when I was at the end of my tether and ready to give up. Here I found the support, and understanding that I was in desperate need of. The thing about IHD is the vast majority of it's membership is people who have Kidney Disease and those who love and care for them, not a site full of paid professionals telling us how it should be. We know how it really is... From the rooftops I shout "We get it!".

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Paris - Moderator 2008-present

Diagnosed Nov. 2004 with FSGS. Not on dialysis yet. Dr. had hoped for transplant before dialysis. I have been on the transplant list since Dec.2005, but after testing several living donors, it had been determined that my antibodies were extremely high and will reject even a good match. Kidney failure is teaching me patience and acceptance. I am good at neither! Paris received a "one in a million" transplant in 2009. She has been a valued part of the team.

Previous Admin/Moderators

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Epoman - Owner/Admin/Webmaster

Created ihatedialysis to give fellow patients an outlet to rant/vent their frustrations of dealing with kidney failure. Was tired of "other" dialysis message boards editing and deleting his posts. He created this site to give dialysis patients a voice, a place to rant and vent their frustrations about dialysis without being censored. He has been on for 13 years of dialysis, straight, No transplant, just hemo.

Epoman spent 8 months doing home dialysis using Nxstage. Unfortunately Epoman lost his battle with ESRD March 2nd 2007.

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goofynina - Administrator

Joined on May 12, 2006 and has shown so much loyalty to the site and has proven herself to be a very valuable member. She is currently on CCPD. She is the "positive" mod, meaning she loves life and is very grateful that she is still alive. She was the third moderator choosen for

goofynina is now IHD's First Co-Admin.

goofynina lost her battle with ESRD February 14th 2008

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Sluff - Global Moderator 2009-2013

Joined on May 30, 2006 He has proven himself as a loyal member and has become a very valuable member of the IHD team. Sluff always welcomes new members and makes others feel like family. Sluff was the 4th moderator chosen on IHD. Sluff replaced goofynina in her role as mod, since she moved up to Co-Admin. Sluff moved up to Administrator position in March 2007 after the loss of Epoman, becoming the 3rd Administrator for

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Okarol - Former Admin 2008-2013

Okarol lives in Southern California. She is married and a mother of 4. Her 29 year old daughter began dialysis when she was 18 years old and as a result Karol became an advocate for patients and living donors. She serves as an administrator for - an online community for living organ donors, potential donors, their families, and medical professionals. She also volunteered as an administrator for, a patient support forum for patients and their families as they cope with living with kidney disease. Since 1995 Karol has also volunteered for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design, one of the oldest, largest and most successful house and garden tours in the nation, which provides funding for music programs for children, as well as supporting the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Bajanne - Global Moderator - 2006-2013

Joined on September 21, 2005 She has only been on dialysis a short time, however she has seen loved ones die from kidney failure. She came to this board looking for answers and she found them. She was the second moderator chosen for because she always welcomes new members and has shown her loyalty to this site. She passed away in 2013. She is deeply missed.

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Epofriend - Moderator - 2009-2013

He joined and quickly became good friends with just about everyone. He was a moderator for the site from 2006-2013. He could read and write Spanish so he became our Spanish section moderator. His happy attitude toward life in spite of dialysis and other medical problems made him a popular member of

Former Moderators:

Thank you for your time and efforts for forums.

Poppylicious 2013-2014

JBeany 2011-2014

RichardMel 2010-2014

Boxman- 2006-2009


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