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Author Topic: PD Drain Bucket  (Read 1664 times)
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« on: October 12, 2016, 01:21:56 PM »

I use a 5 gallon bucket for a drain.  I drilled a 2 1/2 inch hole off to one side on the lid making it easier to pour out a bit quicker.

My Clinic initially gave me the option of running the drain hose to the bathroom or using some sort of container.  Since I didn't want to have more than the one Patient hose running around I opted for a bucket.  It works out fine, unless i get distracted too badly in the morning and forget to empty it.  Let's just say the carpet in that area is the cleanest in the house.  I don't generally make the same mistake more than once.  This one, THREE times, pretty well spaced apart over the last 3 1/2 years.  Maybe I am a little forgetful.

Contrary to popular opinion, of my Wife, I am not lazy, much.  I am a 'Guy' though and very well experienced in the art of procrastination.  It may come as no surprise that the presence of my Drain Bucket may sometimes become 'detected' by smell alone.   5 gallon bucket lids fit T.I.T. Tight.  They do not want o come off easily.  Those times when detectable life originates in my bucket I fill it with very hot water, almost boiling.  Wife has had me turn up the water heater until I am almost afraid of it self-distructing, and taking half the house with it.  The very hot water usually does the trick scalding whatever is in there. You could slip the skins off of tomatoes or soft fruit dipped in this water it is so hot straight from the tap.   "She' tells me it has to be that hot for the dishwasher to get the dishs CLEAN.  I ttell her they aren't just clean, they are sterile.  That thing is like an autoclave in there.  I don't doubt it could steam a whole pork roast and rinse all the fat right down the drain.  I may have to try this one day.  While 'She' is gone at work of course.

Sometimes I come up with a brilliant idea.  She most often takes a dimmer view.  It's a good thing she is out of the house daily leaving me to my madness, I mean, to my bright ideas. A few years back I scored on a large container of swimming pool chlorine tablets at the fall close out sale. She looked at me with one of those looks, wondering just what was I thinking as our swimming pool is still stacked in boxes in the barn for over 15 years.  This is the first sign I may even be thinking of setting it up.   Nope! 

 I have been using them in the concrete stuff 'She' clutters our yard with.  Rainwater pools grow unwanted things dirtying the water and making it difficult to see the little swimmers that grow up, become mosquito, and chew on us.  These chlorine tablets kill off everything and make the water crystal clear again.

So today I had the bright idea of dropped six of them in my bucket.  I do believe in over-kill, one or two may have been sufficient, but I want everything in there D.E.A.D. Dead so I went with six.  Besides being a 'Guy' I am also a retired Mechanic.  I build stuff far stronger than the factory, I do not want to have to do it again for a long time.  So 6 chlorine tablets AND scalding water, let it soak until it cooled, dump it.  It had a very distinct chlorine odor.  Sloshed around about a gallon of fresh scalding water I could hear the tablets sliding and banging inside.  Nasty stuff poured out but looking in through the hole it appeared to have done the job quite well.  And the tablets don't even appear used yet, so I left them in there, figuring a bit will desolve(Sp?) daily, or nightly while in use and keep things a while lot more civil down in there.

I'll see how long they last.  And if it works out well I'll add them to my usual routine, checking daily as I pour it out and add once necessary.  Beside, I have lots more on the shelf in the garage.

It's about that time of year for the pool supplies to close out again.  I may have to stop by and see, if cheap enough I can always find room on that shelf for another container so to be sure I won't run out for over a year.
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