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Author Topic: Missing Garage Door Opener  (Read 1205 times)
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« on: March 16, 2016, 07:16:18 PM »

When we bought this house 20 years ago one garage door opener is wayyyyy older than the other one.  It worked fine, but the remote didn't.  Even with with a new battery.  Since I am a Mechanic, I will mess with anything, so I told apart the remote, and the main control box on the wall in the garage.  I made sure the 9 dip switches where all set the same, still would work.  Si I started screwing with it, literally.  The each have a 'choke' coil that sets the frequency of the radio.  These 'choke coils' have a little bitty hole in the top and if you look carefully you can see a slot, like for an itty bitty screw driver to screw the thing up and down.  So I started screwing with them, both.  I must be lucky, or something because the door opened, and closed.  I walked down our long driveway screwing with the remote, opening and closing the door til I thought I was going to overheat the motor.  But I GOT IT.  All the way down to the mailbox.  I found out later one time comeing home from Daughters house after spending the weekend down there a few things. 1. The door was open.  2. The button on the remote was stuck, (I fixed that immediately). and 3. My Harley and BIG red toolbox with many thousands of dollars of tools were both still inside.  Remember, I'm a Mechanic, I have at least one of everything all nice and shiny chrome, AND air tools (lots) and just a whole LOT of stuff I would kill for.

Fast forward 20 years, Wife still doesn't put much away.  When she comes in she sets things down, somewhere, and doesn't always remember where.  I've had to have a LOT of keys cut to make her new key rings, more than a couple of times.  Oh, garage doors, Her's is the old one, mine is the newer style with the little remote with 3 buttons.  I have a couple of these.  I have a cute little adapter thing that will plug into the electrical outlet on her old Sear Garage Door opener, attach the trigger wires and I can program that box so my remote will open her door.  The only problem is it goes brain dead ever time the power goes out.  No memory battery back up.  So I don't use it on her side.

Usually if she is riding around with me we set 'Her' opener on the dash of my truck.  She takes my truck, a lot, as I am now retired I don't have to go anywhere regular.  Last week I have an appt at the VA so she has to start using her van.  I notice the door opener NOT on my dash so she MUST have taken it so she can get in and out.  We don't use the front, or back doors.  That key thing, she don't know where hers are.

Last Thursday she calls the Ambulance and they cart me off to the local Hospital for a couple of days.  She followed, riding with Our Son.  Friday she drove my truck coming to the Hospital bringing me my laptop, CPAP, etc..  Son came and got me when I was released Saturday.  When we got home she asked me if I had found her door opener in my bag.  Ah, No.   Well, she claimed to have had it in my ER room, but cannot find it now.

Are you SURE you had it, cause I definitely remember when they moved me to the next room we left nothing on any of the counters there.  I called ER on Sunday, nope, no control, transferred to Security, nope, nothing that even resembles that control.  Searched my truck, her van, sons Blazer, no control.

Qwap.  Previously I have bought a replacement dip switch type control, made sure all switches set correctly.  It wouldn't work.  And of course the new style controls do NOT have that adjustable choke coil, so I cannot make it work.  I tried adjusting the wall control choke coil.  Still can't get the right frequency.  So it is beginning to look like I am going to have to use that electronic adapter so we can use the little controls like on my side.  And every time the power winks out for a few seconds, I will have to get the ladder, climb up there and hold the re-program button and reset the unit to recognize our other controls.

Of course you know this is all true.  Ain't no one can make this qwap up!

If only some people would put stuff in the same place EVERY time, or remember the last place they put it!

Take Care,

Charlie B53


I am pretty sure that BobN and I are related somewhere along the way.  Or is this just normal for us "Guy's"?
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