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Author Topic: Rant about Davita  (Read 10909 times)
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« on: May 15, 2010, 05:03:22 PM »

Hello I am a tech that works for DaVita.  I love reading all your rants about the company.  I think it is amazing that you guys here find out more stuff about the company than its own staff knows.  Now you all know about how much money this company makes and let me just rant how the staff as in nurses, tech and so us low people on the poles that do all the work are underpaid and overworked.  They are are all about saving on costs and everything else making us work short handed all the time and they just keep adding more things to us to do.  Than that takes away from our patient care time because we have to make sure that we have all this extra crap done.  And guess what we get in return???  O that is right all that money you have found out they make the staff only gets a 1.5% raise a year. Now I know you guys really don't care about our pay but you see us running around the clinic doing everything and half time its like we have our heads cut off because it gets tough to keep up sometimes and the people who get rewarded are the ones that sit behind a desk all day, and do nothing and that includes the FA because I know my boss does not even know how to run our machines let alone to try to help us on the floor.  She said that it is not part of her job. and she does not even work close to as many hours as the rest of her staff.  I know this week alone I put in 52 hours and all the FAs are in Washington for a conference.  I love my job and my patients but it is sad that even our patients are starting to realize that we are all overworked and getting frustrated.   :stressed;
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« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2010, 12:33:33 PM »

I know exactly how you feel! My FA sees that I am doing something with a patient, like returning their blood, and lets me know that an alarm is going off on a machine and that I need to get it. Also, knowing we only have 2 techs and a nurse that doesn't move out from behind the nurses' station unless its for meds, my FA announces she is taking a long lunch coming back to lock up her office and is off to the lake for the weekend. Really!? Consider yourself lucky with only 52 hours, I have worked 65 hours in a week plus go to school full time. Yet no body understands why I;m so tired :Kit n Stik;
But on  a positive note, I love my patients and I put up with a bunch of crap for them.
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« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2010, 05:11:22 PM »

I really feel bad for Davita workers, not QUITE as bad as i do for the patients though, Its not the workers fault though! Davita as a company is TERRIBLE! They were overworking those poor girls!! Its no wonder they were stressed, and I personally had a bad experience with Davita clinic, i stopped going. The fresnius clinic i went to was great.
Hope things get better for you all working at Davita, i doubt it will, try to find a different clinic,or job if u can!

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« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2010, 04:00:11 PM »

The techs at the Davita center my grandma goes to have to work 16hr shifts. I feel bad for them being on their feet for that many hours, and I know that by the time my grandma's shift starts at 5pm they're all ready to go home.  I worry that the quality of care decreases as the day goes on.
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« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2010, 01:48:55 PM »

:clap; :clap;

I go to a DaVita Hemo Center, Florida.  I don't know about you people, but I JUST LOVE my center.  I HATE DIALYSIS, but I love the people at my center. The FA and the Techs are the best in the world.  Don't get me wrong, they work crazy long hours, and i feel so sorry for them, but they have each been doing this for over 15 years each, so they know what they are getting themselves in to. 

They make our center so light hearted and at ease  :rofl;.  It is nothing but joking and laughs at our center.  Of course, there are those days / patients where they have issues, and it is not such a great day, but overall, I am so happy to be there as opposed to my other choices in the area.  There are a few DaVita centers but this one is the best (in Winter Garden), FLA. 


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« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2010, 10:24:10 PM »

Im not sure where your unit is,but my unit(im a patient) is in rutland vt. In the hospital here. But run and owned by a hospital 2 hours away. And the past year they have done cuts on everything. They had 3 techs to ea 3 chairs and 1 nurse we have 9 chairs, now they cut them to 2 techs to every 3 patients 1 nurse, and a they try to put us on as timely as they can.providing they dont have a problem with patients needles,or someone gets sick, and yet I have still seen patients bitch at them if they dont do them timely,or get a blanket fast enough, BUT.the techs are not allowed to talk back at patients or yell.they calmly deal with it.and once in awhile snap back! Omg then the poor tech gets pulled asif due to patient complaining. My unit is being either sold or some people who know how to run the unit cheaper wil teach the staff. Its up in the air. So theres always frustration m both sides. Even though the patients deal with much more.the techs do the best with what they have. And they do know that we patients have depression and anger, and dont take it personal we are all together in away and in alot of ways need ea other.like its said u dont know how someone feels unless u have been in their shoes,well we have all worn ea others so to speak. God bless u r in my prayers. xoxo
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« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2010, 10:39:40 PM »

And my unit is an out patient unit. Some are inpatient and the techs have to do treatment on ill or surgical patients.and alot of time never get to know the patient as they come and go in that unit. Mine yes has ups and downs,but kinda close. Patients some bond somewhat with ea other,and some dont. But u hear techs and patients laughing and open up to the techs when they want to talk. I myself have a nurse who has always pushed me to do the right thing. At 1st I thought grrrr! Was always at odds.then realized she cares about me and we have grown close.and I have a a couple techs I feel totally comfertable with and like alot. I like all of them but connect better with them better. It happens. I urge u to try and find someone u feel comfy with and talk get to know people in your unit.if u havent. Go up and introduce yourself. They may need your friendship to!
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