"When I joined IHD on March 5, I was ready to just give it up.  I felt I was too old to start dialysis and the whole regiment.  The therapist suggested I look online for a support group and I googled!  I found I Hate Dialysis and thought now that is for me to satisfy people that I gave it a go.  To my surprise I found a great bunch of new friends.

I am really grateful to you.  You know who you are.  I feel as if I know some of the members here.  I could single out many people, but Paris was the first person to talk to me.  A special thanks for that Paris, as I’d have just gone on to other things that night otherwise..  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a special place for everybody else.  If I tried to name names I would surely forget one but you do know who you are.

I’ve received so much support and encouragement, information and suggestions, and not a few laughs from so many people.  Thank you!

"People on this site understand my feelings where my family can not"

My Husband, the " Dialysisor " asked, " Why would You want to Pay to be on a Site, You can go on for Free?"

I told Him, " Because in the last Fifteen Months, You have been in the Hospital, a Total of 72 Nights, on an off, You were not here, but IHD, always was "

"I laugh when I really want to cry"

"This site saved my life, I thank GOD for this site"

"I need this website, you have no idea what it means to me"

"I have not regretted one moment finding this website, as I see it as one of my major tools in dealing with this challenge"

"All of my friends know about my dialysis treatments, but I would say that most of them do not really understand what its all about"

"I typed in "People who hate dialysis" and I found my home"

"High on my list for giving thanks is this website. Keep it growing"

"Thank you for watching over this site and all of us who rely on this site to keep our frustration level down"

" I am so glad I found IHD because it is so good that it exists. As you know yourself it is such a terrible shock and trauma to be faced with the dilemma of kidney failure, especially when we had so many plans and so much to do and suddenly there is no energy left to go forward and we feel stuck. I am so grateful that IHD exists with its honesty and courage to face such a situation and to share it. It just takes away the desolate isolation."

"This site helped me through my angry stage"

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