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Author Topic: CPAP, it can really improve and extend your life  (Read 785 times)
Charlie B53
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« on: March 16, 2016, 06:15:57 AM »

I had made a reply in another thread that touched on the subject of a CPAP.  Afterwards I had the thought that this is SO important that it needs it's own thread to let everyone know.

Many people snore and/or have sleep apnea where they hold their breathe while asleep until the CO levels get so high that they actually take a huge gasp for air.  Either of these stress the body terribly and do NOT allow you quality rest.  Leaving the person tired all the time.  Most often this lack of quality rest contributes to health issues which lead to an earlier death than necessary.  It is cutting our lives short.

So here is what I had posted with very little change.

A little bit about sleep apnea and CPAP.   I had my sleep study done long ago.   About 02 or 03.   I snore like my Dad did.   We lost him at age 59.  His heart just gave up, to much ? work for way too many years.   His snores would almost wake the dead.  I swear.  Our house was built for us when I was but a baby, so it was still considered pretty new as houses go.   But you could just about HEAR the windows rattle.  I snored just about that bad.  So does my 40 y.o. Son.

My sleep study was much like yours.  In-Center, wired for stereo.   The Attendant Lady woke me somewhere in the middle of the night and told me to put on the mask, the CPAP.  I want back to sleep only to be awakened a number of times by the mask on my face.  I quickly realized it was only the mask and immediately went back to sleep.  Don't know how many time that woke me up.

In the morning the Lady to me into the Control Room and showed me the play-back of the EEG.  Pointed out the squiggly lines of my brain activity and how they 'settle down' as I fall asleep.  That's where the lines pretty much quit wiggling and tended to flatten out for a short while.   Then a different line jumped, then all the lines started wiggling again.  She told me that one is where you snored, or gasped after holding your breathe for a while, and this woke up the brain, but not quite enough to come to full consciousness.   Eventually all settled down, and the next snore restarted all the activity.  This just kept repeating as long as I was asleep.

Then she fast forwarded to after I put on the mask.  He she showed me how everything settled down, then yet another line started waving.  This was the sensor next to an eye.  She explained this is when I started REM.  That stage of sleep that is actually resting the brain.  I stayed like that until woken by the mask, and shortly after fell totally asleep again and started REM.

I was issued my first CPAP that morning.  It didn't take long to get used to a mask, just a couple of days if I remember.   That was in '02 or '03.   it's 2016 now and I am on my THIRD machine, having worn out the first two.

I no longer wake up in the mornings feeling exhausted.  I no longer go 'on the nod' between 2 and 4 in the afternoon like I used to.  I was always soo tired, I was actually afraid to drive in the afternoon for fear I would fall asleep at the wheel!

A CPAP will change your life if you USE it.  Many are found to NEED the machine, get it, and seldom ever use it.  You have GOT TO get used to it and USE IT, Religiously.  I won't take a nap on a Saturday afternoon without wearing my CPAP mask.

My Wife's Dr referred her for a sleep study.  The Center issued her an at-home machine.  A small case with only a couple of sensors she had to wear for three nights in a row.  There was a band around her chest to record breathing.  An Oximeter taped on her finger. And a little bitty microphone taped to her cheek.  The machine had three cartridges and you have to write the date, your name, etc., and use a different cartridge each night.  After the 3 nights everything goes back in the case and return it.  No big deal.  Because she does snore the results came back recommending a CPAP for her.  At first she wouldn't use it much.  Didn't like the mask.  I took her back to the Center and she tried on different masks until she found that she like the nasal 'pillow' much better.  After a LOT of nagging by me she finally started to use the machine.  One morning she admitted that she DID notice a difference when she used the machine.  That she actually FELT BETTER, that she had really slept and felt rested.

Neighbor tells me his Wife sleeps in anothr room as he snores so bad.  I have been on him for a few years already to get in and get tested.   He is a double AA Prime candidate for an early death from a heart attack if he doesn't start getting some quality rest.  I absolutely hate the thought of having to go to his funereal.

Everyone, take this to heart as this WILL make a positive difference if you snore much.  Or if you know someone that does.   If you have to, print this and get them to read it.  This WILL make a difference in their life, and can help prevent an early death.

I do not doubt that if these were available long ago that my Dad could still be here with us today.

Make the call to your Dr.

Take Care,

Charlie B53
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« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 07:07:02 AM »

Bravo, well said. 

My husband and I both have CPAPs.  We use them every time we sleep, even if it's for just an hour's nap.  They are life-changing.
Charlie B53
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« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2016, 07:53:38 AM »

It's crazy that people have them but do not use them.

I have worn out the first two machines.  The Sleep Tech is very serprised to see a worn out machine.  But I've done it, twice!

I use it.

We really do need to spread the word to all those we know and care about.
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