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Dialysis: Diet and Recipes / Re: Canola Oil vs Coconut Oil
« Last post by kickingandscreaming on Today at 11:38:32 AM »
Extra virgin Coc. oil has a mild coconut taste.  The refined version is quite bland.  Prices aren't bad. Check out Amazon and do a search for refined coconut oil.
Dialysis: Diet and Recipes / Re: Canola Oil vs Coconut Oil
« Last post by justagirl2325 on Today at 09:59:45 AM »
How does anyone hate all things coconut lol.  Coconut's rock.  That being said...I've never tried coconut oil (sounds weird to me, like almond milk...how does one milk an almond).  Don't mind me, my mind is turning to mush, working too much.
Dialysis: Diet and Recipes / Re: Canola Oil vs Coconut Oil
« Last post by PrimeTimer on Today at 09:42:51 AM »
Well...hubby and I discussed changing to coconut oil and he says NO WAY. He hates all things coconut. Our store does carry it but it costs $16 for a mere 10 ounces. We'd go thru that in no time so that's not very practical. But he seriously hates coconut. I use canola oil to saute onions and bell peppers (red, yellow, green) before adding them to his omelets. He loves them that way. I also use it whenever a recipe calls for it. I've been cooking strictly using low sodium/potassium/phosphorous recipes from the Fresenius and Davita sites. Some recipes call for 1 tablespoon of the canola oil. That isn't much but sure adds to the overall flavor of things. Since I've been using these recipes, his potassium has come way down and he's also been less thirsty. We wonder if it's because of less sodium in his diet and the canola oil and veggies helping to retain moisture/fluid in a way that his body utilizes it instead of retaining it in the form of edema. His clinic is impressed that he brings in very little on-board and a big plus is that his blood pressure has come down. Hhmm....something is working right. Anyways, he wants to keep the canola oil and yummy Hexane.
A VPN Alone Won't Fix Congress Selling Your Privacy Down River

"Traffic from VPNs doesn’t simply disappear: it merely resurfaces in another ISP that can subsequently monitor user activity," noted Princeton computer Scientist Nick Feamster in a recent report on ISP tracking. "The opportunities for observing user traffic are substantial. For example, in a recent simple experiment that postdoc Philipp Winter performed, web requests from Tor exit relays to the Alexa top 1,000 websites traversed more than 350 Internet service providers considering the DNS lookups from these exit relays, the traffic from these exit nodes traverses an additional 173 Internet service providers."
I have heard  good things about http://nordvpn.com

.  But in the meantime, you can skip searching with Google and use either
https://www.startpage.com/eng/  or https://duckduckgo.com/  for private searching.
You can install the TOR browser our (https://www.torproject.org/) and browse anonymously, although TOR has become a target of the three letter boys so it may be compromised.   What I find it useful for is news sites that give only a few articles before the paywall goes up, and uses the IP address for blocking.  The downside is that routing your traffic through 3 servers, often on different continents, increases latency to a noticeable extent.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: PD Vs Hemo?
« Last post by Simon Dog on Today at 07:55:04 AM »
Started at 3?  Dr started me at 4:30.  My butt's been itchy ever since.
What filter are you on?

Fresenius cost containment regulations do not allow the MD to prescribe a filter larger than 180 (sizes are 160, 180, 200, 250) unless goal cannot be met in a 4:30 treatment.   (they have grandfathered patients on larger filters at the time this policy was implemented).

CMS policies mandate that everyone get "Adequate" treatment (i.e., meet clearance goals).   While in-center HD  goal above the CMS min (1.4 instead of 1.2), they still implement policies that work directly against the patient in the name of profit maximization.  The corporation would rather you sit in the chair for an extra 30 minutes than spend a few extra $$ on a bigger filter.

If you are "near the edge" and and FMC client (not sure what DaVita;'s policies are) see if your doc can work with you to slip under goal to qualify for a big filter (easy way is to run the blood at a slower rate).
I just found this new privacy-based browser:  https://cliqz.com/en/

Looks interesting.  But in the meantime, you can skip searching with Google and use either
https://www.startpage.com/eng/  or https://duckduckgo.com/  for private searching.
The solution is a vpn service, the way it works is before you do anthing is you establish a link to the vpn(Virtual Private Network) when you establish the link and sign in all you activities are encryted and sent up to the vpn server at this point it's encrypted so the isp can't read it.  The vpn server then sends you data to the correct service, google,amazon, etc. since it originates from the vpn server it's not traceable to you.  Responses are encrypted and sent to you where the vpn on your system decrypts the data so your isp never sees your data.  Adds a small latency but effectively blocks the isp from seeing your data the only thing they can see is what vpn service you are using.
Dialysis: Diet and Recipes / Re: Canola Oil vs Coconut Oil
« Last post by Charlie B53 on Today at 03:40:35 AM »

Great article, I will be passing this link on to Family.

I grew up learning to cook using Crisco, and not sure where it was listed.  Was it included in the 'Animal Fat' section along with lard?

Corn/vegetable oils have been pushed on the public for well over a generation already.

I only recently saw Coconut Oil on the shelf in the store and was curious about it.  My cupboard contains veg, a couple olives, canola, and peanut.  I grab whichever one my mood happens to be as being just a 'Guy' I never knew much about the differences.  I may have to re-figure my priorities.

How well do the apps work that supposedly 'block' tracking?

Many people are going to be seriously P.O.'d when they learn this is happening.  We like to think we keep a pretty low profile.  This may also be a contributing reason why many of us refuse to use the 'Cloud'.

This could actually cause an increase in the use of 'snail mail'.

Qwap, I'll have to order 'checks' from my Banks.  I haven't written one in YEARS.  Rarely ever even touch a pen. Carry a checkbook?   I don't even know where it is!
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