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Dialysis: Medicare/Insurance / Medicare Advantage for ESRD
« Last post by Shaks24 on Today at 06:15:23 AM »
Starting January 1st 2021 all ESRD will be allowed to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans in lieu of Original Medicare. Right now I have Original Medicare and Medigap F but the premium for Medigap F is now more than $600 per month as I am under 65 and have few options. I think the main benefit of Medicare Advantage is that you will have a limit on your Maximum Out Of Pocket expenses. We should be able to look at these plans for 2021 beginning on October 1st. I know Fresenius is having an online seminar on enrollment options. I saw this on the patient portal and they even appear to have teamed up with a company that brokers Medicare policies. I am going to study the options carefully. My current coverage is awesome as I virtually pay no medical bills (except prescription drug copays) in my plan D. That $600 per month premium for Medigap F is getting tough though. I imagine it will jump to about $700 for 2021 and just keep sky rocketing until and if I make it to 65 years old and get another open enrollment window with no underwriting. By the way after 7 years on PD I had to switch to hemo after my PD Cath failed. We tried to keep me on PD but after 3 surgeries that did not resolve my issues I decided to give up on PD and switch to hemo for now. Its been about 3 months on hemo now and I sure miss the gentle side effects of PD vs the side effects of hemo that kick my but. Is anyone else considering making the switch from Original Medicare plus a gap policy to Medicare Advantage?
Jeeez Michael, awful to be in this position. Sending lots of healing vibes to you, and common sense vibes to your drs et al.

Lots of love, and get better soon, Cas
Two weeks ago blood began pouring out of my butt,  went to urgent care and was sent to a hospital.  Imeadiately  no food just broth for the first 3 days.  Followed by 4 liters of water based laxitive.   Day 2-4 large amounts of saline were introduced. I went to dialysis on Wednesday and Friday. 
On Thursday I was scoped from top to bottom.  Nothing was found.  But it was concluded a diverticulum was responsible.  At that point my hemo went from a 11.8 to a 6.5.  So on Friday and Saturday I was given 4 blood transfusions and some more saline. Late Saturday I was released.  Went home and by 11:00 PM I was unable to breath.  Sunday was moved to CCU Monday morning a code blue was called for me since I passed out.  I was in a-fib and my ICD internal cardiac defibrillator fired 3 times. My wife was called and informed and it was serious.  The ICD returned me to normal sinus rhythm.  Then from Tuesday thru Thursday I was given amiadarone and heparin both constantly and in a saline bag. I was then more than with it to discover after my Wednesday dialysis I was over 8.5 kilos over my dry weight which considering the lack of food the previous week could have been over 10 kilos over.  The only mistake made was they needed to check my dry weight during this whole process.  The doctors said the scale in the hospital bed was inaccurate however Thursday I had a scale brought in to check my weight and the bed scale and the hospital scale were the same weight. If your bed has a scale have it zeroed out each day and have the weight recorded so your weight can be checked daily. So that you wonít have enough fluids pumped in and have your heart damaged like mine was.(my ejection fraction dropped 10 points).
Off-Topic: Talk about anything you want. / Re: How ya doin'?
« Last post by iolaire on September 25, 2020, 06:52:39 AM »
Riki, thanks for the update and reviving the thread. 

I'm glad to hear you continue to keep busy and entertained. Its been interesting how we all have settled into the new normal and for many are able do fairly well.  Yesterday was the 200 day anniversary of when I choose to start working from home, stop social actives and stay close to home.  Time still flies in lockdown.

Its good to hear that your home island is fairing well.  Remoteness and islands help a lot to keep infection own.  I keep up today with my hometown of Petersburg Alaska and they are also able to keep people safe with mandatory testing of people on arrival to the airport.  Half the positive tests are guests at lodges which are basically isolated already due to their out of town locations.  It seems like they survived the summer influx of fisherman and cannery/fish processor workers.  Canneries in other small towns did have outbreaks but they were contained to specific bunkhouses and seemed to be handed well by everyone.

We had two trips which we delayed, a June trip to the SW - Grand Canyon, etc. and a trip the Republic of Georgia including a five night wine tour.  In May we rescheduled the SW trip to the end of October for our 20 year anniversary - at this point it looks like we will take the flight risk and do the trip.  Friends in Idaho, another couple, will drive down and meet us at Zion National Park for four nights then we will continue on to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Phoenix on our own.  Utah is doing bad with COVID-19 control so that is a worry, plus the flight.  I already had the KN95 masks that I use if I go to a store but this week we also picked up the clear face shields at Costco.

I am worried about the virus still and worry about how we are getting a bit more careless as things progress.  It feels like the Airplane risk is fairly managed but its still way more risky than staying at home - we are flying SW which is not booking full flights.  We socially distance meetup with friends outside but that has morphed into starting to shared tables outside and last week a dinner inside a restaurant in a private area with six people at the same large long table...  Everyone is careful in their daily life but its worrisome. 

On the plus side we are going camping with them on Saturday night and will have dinner outside a very good German restaurant near the campsite.  (We now use an air mattress in the tent because why not.)
Introduce Yourself / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by iolaire on September 25, 2020, 06:28:41 AM »
Welcome to the group.  You probably already found the wealth of experiences we all share?
Introduce Yourself / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by kristina on September 25, 2020, 04:01:14 AM »
Hello Larry,

Welcome and good luck for your progress on the waiting-list. It should not take too long anymore since you have already been waiting for 4 years, but there again, it depends on your medical history and where you are. Are you in America, Canada or here in England?

Best wishes from Kristina. :grouphug;
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: Hello there my friends
« Last post by cassandra on September 25, 2020, 03:10:18 AM »
Thanx my friends, I have a phone consult with neph next Friday, Monday with GP to get a referral for pain clinic.

Simon Iíve been asking for the Lixelle column for months now, and have yet to get an answer. Btw is that column also usable for Nxstage?

Lots of love, and stay well. Cas
Dialysis: Transplant Discussion / Re: Grapefruit
« Last post by kristina on September 25, 2020, 02:02:04 AM »
Thanks for the understanding, MooseMom and kristina.

As for my instinct, to be honest, I feel that it is a little off lately because I don't even trust my gut feelings anymore, due to pandemic precautions. It has been so drilled in to avoid people and we have been mostly safe in our little bubble here. So, I'm not quite sure what is paranoia versus my reasonable instinct, if that makes sense.

I accompanied my husband to the ER. They separated people between covid/cold/flu /fever symptoms and those for unrelated things. It was a small cramped section. My husband apologized and said he should have gone alone. (I would like to point out my husband doesn't understand that it is acceptable for local people here to seek medical help dressed as sloppy as they like, meanwhile, he had to actually think what he would wear so they took him seriously. Cultural lesson of the day.)

Hello again UkrainianTracksuit,
I am sorry that this pandemic has made you feel a little unsure about your instinct right now and hopefully it comes back a.s.a.p., because our instinct is so important in these unsettling days, especially when we get contradicting news about this corona-virus every single day. For example: Here people are still allowed to go to Pubs as they like  :urcrazy; but because of the Corona-Virus they are ordered (by the government) to leave Pubs at 10.00 pm to make sure they won 't get infected with Corona-Virus ... As you can imagine, I am not the only one who feels confused about such new regulations, especially since it would appear that such a deadly virus won't "keep itself" to certain hours of the day ... or the night??? :urcrazy; From such a little example you can see how crazy "things" have become and my husband and I certainly try our very best to make sure we don't come across any such crazy-madness.

Unfortunately I have another urgent medical appointment soon and I shall "wrap myself up" as protectively as possible with my face-mask and other secure "recommendations" i.e. use lots of disinfectant etc. and hopefully "things" go alright. I try and do as much as I can to protect myself and that is all I can do ...

I agree with your husband when he cannot understand how some people seek medical help dressed as sloppy as they like and it is very sad to come across that. It is so important to make sure and dress properly and respectfully, whenever going out of the house and such a policy is not only important to show respect towards other people (i.e. medics), but it also reflects our self-respect and makes sure to keep in mind at all times for anyone with medical problems that if they "let go and go sloppy", that surely would be the way to lose all self-respect and go downhill straight away as a result?

Please let us know what you'll going to decide and how "things" develop from there and hopefully everything goes alright for you both, ok? Please take great care and I send you my good-luck-wishes from Kristina. :grouphug;
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: Restless Leg Syndrome and Benadryl
« Last post by Hereware on September 25, 2020, 01:50:58 AM »
Didn't know about this. Very useful information. Thanks for letting us know. I hope a lot sees this.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: Movies depicting kidney failure/diaylsis
« Last post by Hereware on September 25, 2020, 01:48:59 AM »
The only one I've seen if I remember correctly was .Ondine
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