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May 24, 2017, 10:34:38 AM

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He has tried.  His hands are tied.  The Mexicans jumping the line is down.  We are deporting the bad Hombres and some not so bad Hombres.  We are now selling cattle to China.  We are back in Israels good graces.  We are working on Health Care and we have a budget in the works. 

Oh and Chelsea Manning is out.... Thank you Obutthole.
Off-Topic: Talk about anything you want. / Re: The music in our lives
« Last post by Riki on Today at 10:25:38 AM »
Riki, Hubby and I smile every time we here it. Love that song, and when we figured out which patient had it..........I told him so and he said that he was hard of hearing and that was the ringtone he could hear best. :)

My mom is hard of hearing too.. she's also a Loverboy fan, so I put Turn Me Loose on her phone as a ringtone.. she can hear it over the looms where she works..
Oh, you are correct.  We just need to accept them all.  And if they murder us we need to just get in line and march to the showers.


And why are you NOT including the 3,000 at the 9/11 massacre?   Other than the 9/11 if you include abortion I would agree with you.
President Trump is THERE.  But no matter what he does or how he says it he gets blasted.  We need to follow his lead and ban people from these terrorist countries from entering this country until they are properly vetted.  AND if they come here and one of them does something to terrorize our Country the whole damn family gets kicked out.  It may help the elders keep a thumb on the young ones from doing something stupid.

So what about white supremacist - where do we send them, or are they not a concern since they are white (despite killing more in US since 9-11 than brown skin folks)? 

And what do we do about citizen second generation brown skin folks who appear to be sympathetic to foreign causes?

What do we do about black or white folks who are sympathetic to different viewpoints in the US?
Okay, I'll jump up 38 years...  Why was it okay for Obummer to mess with the Israeli election.  He gave $350K of our tax payer money to the campaign against Netanyahu.  It didn't work, so maybe we got the money back?  LOL 
One other note in 972 both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats not Rpublicans.
Back in that day liberal and moderate Republicans existed instead of the 10 percent that survive today.  The current morons are salivating at the thought of gutting all the programs now on the chopping block. Then using the money to cut Trumps taxes along with the mega rich.  Leaving the regular people no where to go but Canada.
I just heard on the Liberal media that Maybe, just Maybe the terrorist don't like women!  OMG ya think?

Well, I guess the Libs are at least coming along....  ?
You need to Thank Republicans for even having dialysis at all. 

Why not try to stay in the present.  It's no longer the Nixon admin (even tho there are some resemblances).  Talking about Trump here.
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