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I really hesitate to put my measly two cents in because you have a myriad of difficulties that, taken all together, seem impossible to untangle. 

I've spent quite some time trying to imagine how you might feel.  What you are facing is, unfortunately, what all too many older people are facing, particularly the loneliness.  It has become an epidemic, especially in China, Japan and in many countries in the West.  I have not seen any of these societies find a good solution to this epidemic.

If I were you, and I am not, I think the first thing I would do is to try to find a solution to your pain.  Pain saps your energy in every way imaginable.  Surely Big Pharma has come up with all sorts of nattily named drugs that might work for you. 

I am thinking that if you can control the pain, maybe you could then work on increasing your mobility.  Is there any possibility that a physical therapist might be useful?  Could a licensed therapist suggest some gentle movements that might restore some mobility?  It's amazing what a little bit of moving around can do for your spirits. 

But if you are feeling lonely in life, then why do all of this, right?  Creating a circle of friends/acquaintances is so so difficult, especially if you do not have the physical energy that interacting with people requires. 

I have never believed that the chronically ill have had our emotional or psychological needs met.  And if you are older, it is easy to feel alone in the world.  Again, if I were you, and I am not, I would seek professional assistance.  I would not be surprised if you are clinically depressed.  Why would you not be?  As I've said before, you are not the only person to find herself in this sort of predicament.  Not everyone has a lot of family nearby.  I certainly don't, so I can easily see myself one day being in exactly your situation, so your questions pop up in my own mind whenever I think about the future.  But maybe a psychologist has some ideas for people who are seeing their existence as "limited".  I know that suggesting a visit to a therapist can sound flippant.  Can you drive/get around on your own?

Again, not to sound "flippant", but do you think you could cope with getting another dog?

I know you are going through a particularly rough patch right now.  I am sorry and wish I had more to offer.  Please do not stop kicking and screaming just yet. 
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: Graft vs. Fistula
« Last post by GA_DAWG on Today at 09:20:10 AM »
I was first outfitted with a fistula, but it did not take, and after mapping it was decided I needed a graft. I had a small amount of trouble with clotting, but not any more than it seemed those with fistulas had. To remove the clot, you go to a vascular center where they in essence do a roto-rooter procedure, and you are back to dialysis the next day. You are lightly sedated for the procedure and it takes very little time. Instead of waiting for a clot, I began scheduling clean-outs every six months that kept it from being an emergency type thing and instead one I could plan on. You must have a driver go with you as you cannot drive after the sedation, and in a clot situation, they have to work you into the schedule, which can mean a long wait. I would rather know the date and time for the procedure. Can't help you with how long grafts last as mine is still the original, though I fear we may be reaching the end of it. My guess is it is like when a fistula stops working and they make another in a different location. There is also the question of how long the scar tissue in the same area will allow for its use.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: So, what can i drink?
« Last post by GA_DAWG on Today at 09:11:21 AM »
K&S, i don't know that it is the same for everyone, but they told me to limit fluids to about 1 to 1 1/2 quarts a day. If you assume a gallon of water to be about 8 lbs, that would be a gain of 2-3 lbs per day.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: So, what can i drink?
« Last post by MooseMom on Today at 09:07:34 AM »
Oh, K&S, I can see how very down you are; you are dealing with so much. 

I have no answers for you, but it seems to me that the very first thing that should be done is to establish just how much you CAN safely drink.  I know you do PD, but surely there is someone at your clinic, or someone in your neph's office, who can help you answer this question.

My mother and my aunt both spent years on dialysis with fluid restrictions.  They both would let ice melt in their mouths.  My mother used Biotene to keep her mouth "quenched".  My aunt would sip on a glass of 7-up or Sprite during the day.

Do your doctors know why this UTI has resulted in you stopping urinating?  Have they said anything at all that is helpful?
Dialysis: General Discussion / So, what can i drink?
« Last post by kickingandscreaming on Today at 06:59:40 AM »
I have been fighting a UTI with antibiotics.  My body has just stopped peeing.  So, even tho I do PD, I am now in the same camp as all you HDers---with very limited liquid intake.  I absolutely can't stand it.  Drinking has been very important to me.  AND I DON'T KNOW HOW NOT TO DO IT!!!!  I don't know how to know how little to drink.  I don't know how one stays alive with so little fluid intake.  I feel totally lost.

Can one of you HDers give me a primer on how to live without liquid.  Thank you.

I'm in a particularly bad place as my peeing has just stopped and I am riddled with arthritis (left knee, right knee and right hip).  So I can't walk anymore without help.  There is almost nothing I can do without pain.  And now I can't even drink.
Thank you, Rainsbury.  I'm glad I could help you.  Now I have to help myself.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: I just stopped peeing
« Last post by kickingandscreaming on Today at 06:14:20 AM »
Thank you, Cas
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello to all
« Last post by Michael Murphy on Today at 05:28:52 AM »
Welcome to the site the one thing i have seen in the 6 plus years I have been here is that every one who starts dialysis has questions and the medical establishment is not filling the need to provide answers.   So the collected memory of the members of this board provide a constant source of valuable information to new members.  I began to become a constant checker on this site when I read the post that a fruit (star fruit, or Cambola) can kill Dialysys patients.  I was very annoyed that no one told me that fact. Then I began to worry about what else I didnít know.  Epoman created a living memory bank for this community, a legacy that his family should be proud of he has provided a constant support for my 6 year Dialysys journey.  I was not fortunate to know the man but I keep a thought for him and his family in my prayers for all of the help his creation has provided me.  I hope this place ends up meaning as much to you as it has to me.  A place I donít feel all alone and a place to learn and a place to help others.  Glad you joined I hope you do well on your renal journey.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: I just stopped peeing
« Last post by cassandra on Today at 04:47:45 AM »
Some antibiotics can reduce your peeing. Maybe your pee-production returns after youíve finished.

Positive, and healing vibes are on their way.

Keep strong KaS.

Lots of love, Cas
Introduce Yourself / Hello to all
« Last post by ajieajie02 on Today at 04:09:59 AM »
Hello guys,

I'm Ajie on my 3rd month on dialysis.

I am very much interested in learning from your experiences and to gain knowledge on this forum.


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