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I spent a year working in Mexico during the late 90's.  When I first arrived in Monterey, Mexico I had read the visa requirements on the flight down and I needed a business visa.  One of the first off the plane I went to the Mexican Immigration line.  As I walked up the Immigration inspector asked pleasure and I responded no business we ran through this about 6 times when a supervisor showed up.  He spoke excellent English so I proceeded to tell him that I was there on Buisness.  He then explained to me the forms for buisness travel were a bit extreme and it would be easier for everyone if I came in on a travel visa.  I apologized and told him I read the rules on the plane and since I was a visitor I felt I should follow Mexican rules.  He said that was nice but again explained they wanted to avoid the paper work.  So I asked for the pleasure visa the supervisor clapped me on the back and welcomed me to Monterrey and hoped I would have a good time. Now out of Immigration I got on line for Customs.  As I waited on line the Immigration supervisor went over to a custom official pointed me out and laughed,  I thought Oh God I was going to be strip searched.  They just waved me through no baggage search.  For the rest of my time in Mexico I was never searched going through customs, later on when I was traveling with others I worked with they all had detailed baggage inspections while I was just waved through.  It brought home to me I was a guest in Mexico and should treat everyone there with respect,  I tried to do this and I learned that the Mexican workers were great to work with.
Dialysis: Transplant Discussion / Re: TX and Marijuana
« Last post by Jean on Today at 06:25:56 PM »
I am not eligible for a transplant, due to my age. I do take liquid raw hemp oil. It does not get you high, it is just for pain and it helps a lot most days.
Political Debates - Thick Skin Required for Entry / Re: OTTO Poor Kid....
« Last post by Jean on Today at 06:22:35 PM »
I agree Rerun. I dont know how to make people realize they are taking their very lives in their hands going to other countries with their very strange and  twisted ideas about what is right and wrong. I am a lucky girl, as I just came home from a 5 day cruise. Just getting off and on the ship requires your passport, your ID, your room key, being patted down and scrutinized, and this was only to Ensenada Mexico. I cant even imagine what you have to go thru to go to another country. Why bother with them, especially if you have to go thru even more with times like these. I always thought I would like to go to
england and maybe France, and look who the terrorists struck so recently.
Political Debates - Thick Skin Required for Entry / Re: OTTO Poor Kid....
« Last post by Rerun on Today at 03:52:58 PM »
A ban would say.  Don't go and if you do.  It is your problem.  We are not putting American lives in danger to come get you.

You would still have your freedom to be stupid.
Dialysis: Transplant Discussion / Re: TX and Marijuana
« Last post by Rerun on Today at 03:49:06 PM »
I have not noticed much difference here in Eastern WA.  Lots of shops opened up and driving under the influence has gone up.

I can easily be wrong, but...........  I thought 'Ticket to Work' is a tax incentive program for employers giving an incentive to employ ticketed persons.
Dialysis: Transplant Discussion / Re: TX and Marijuana
« Last post by Simon Dog on Today at 02:19:23 PM »
Quotiing directly from the new MJ law in the Democratik Peoples Republik of Massachusetts:
(e) The use of marijuana shall not disqualify a person from any needed medical procedure or treatment, including organ and tissue transplants.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: In-Clinic Tech's
« Last post by kickingandscreaming on Today at 08:52:04 AM »
Low BP always sounded good to me-- as someone who naturally runs high.  It wasn't until my BP was lowered too much by a new drug that I learned how awful low BP can  be.  I was dizzy all the time and fainted multiple times.  So it can be a big deal.  With an adjustment of the dose, my BP moved into good territory.  Thank heavens.

I can easily be wrong, but...........  I thought 'Ticket to Work' is a tax incentive program for employers giving an incentive to employ ticketed persons.

SS Medical benefits should not be affected until your number of working hours, and wages, exceed whatever set 'limits' are established.  This number may be different depending on the type of benefit category an individual is receiving.

All of this information should be posted on the SS website.

SS may have some added benefits available to the individual such as, funds for transportation, education, lunch money, some of the things necessary to make the individual more employable.

Many States have an outreach person within the Employment Office knowledgeable in the Ticket to Work program and can assist a person.  It is worth a phone call or a visit to ask more questions..

I was 'Ticketed' but due to other pysical limitations I have not pursued it  much.  The educational opportunities out here in the middle of nowhere'sville are simply too far away to be of much use. There simply isn't enough time for travel that would be necessary.
Dialysis: General Discussion / Re: Fluid intake questions
« Last post by Charlie B53 on Today at 06:18:32 AM »

Smart move Michael.

Some of us do pay far more attention to our bodies than others.  Those of us that do often know what we need far more than the Dr that only sees us for a few moments. Adjustment of dry weight needs to be an ongoing number that can easily change depending on patient diet, activity, and even the weather.

As Michael pointed out, adjustment needs to be made in small amounts while watching for any adverse symptoms such as cramping or blood pressures getting lower than your normal.

Those patients that do have CHF and fluid accumulation inf the heart sac and/or lungs, this fluid cannot be removed in a single treatment.  It will take a number of treatments, each time the body will reabsorb a small amount of that fluid.
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