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Title: Um, guys...where have you been?
Post by: NCspinner on June 08, 2020, 09:08:54 AM
We got a big envelope from DaVita a few days ago. Inside was one black fabric mask and one of their cute "educational" bulletins with the usual overdone graphics. The point of the mailing was that this mask is NOT for use during dialysis or when visiting a dialysis facility, it's only for activities such as grocery shopping. We're to use surgical masks for dialysis etc.

The envelope includes --TA DAH!!-- a paper bag for storing the mask between uses.

This mailing arrived after our state's lockdown has been going on for more than two months and is now gradually lifting. During this time we've stayed safe using the procedure masks routinely provided for home hemodialysis. And we've received home-made cloth masks from considerate friends.  Our home hemo nurse had long since told us to store the masks between use in a paper bag, very high tech.

It's hard not to wonder what DaVita spent on this behind-the-curve promotion, which arrived WEEKS after it might have been needed. It goes in the same round file as most of their other tacky self-promoting gadgets. Just wondered who else got one.