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Title: 6-Month Anniversary
Post by: tigtink on March 13, 2020, 08:42:32 AM
Yesterday was the 6-month anniversary of my transplant. This week my creatinine was .90, hemoglobin 12.2, and potassium, calcium, and co2 were in the normal range. My WBC is still very low but I finished the Valcyte yesterday so that should come up within a couple of weeks. Aside from the first two months, things have been pretty smooth sailing. I feel great and so far have made it through tax season fine while maintaining my exercise routine.

I was scheduled for a transplant clinic visit next week. I had planned to fly and was booked for a flight leaving Sunday. Obviously that is out of the question now because of COVID-19. I could have rented a car and driven the six hours, but the transplant center readily agreed that the visit wasn't necessary at this point and agreed to reschedule for June. Where I was there in December I was in and out in an hour and all they did was blood tests. As well as I am doing there was no need to take risks by traveling, especially with my WBC count at 2.4. I was lucky that American waived the cancellation fees and I have a year to use the credit.

I have made the decision to self-isolate for a while until the situation with COVID-19 clarifies a little better. The only doctor appointment I have in the next month is a dental cleaning and that can be rescheduled. I work from home already. I can get my groceries, supplies and cat food and litter delivered. The hardest part is giving up my exercise routine at the YMCA. It is such a big part of my physical health and social life. Particularly difficult is giving up our Friday lunches at Bob Evans after water aerobics class. I will have to find ways to exercise at home and keep up with my friends by phone.

It seems like a drastic measure, but my guess is the virus is everywhere by now. On Monday we had no confirmed cases in Michigan. Tuesday there were two, and today they announced 12, include some in my own county. With a transplant only six months old and a very low WBC count, I just can't take the chance of being out and about where I can be exposed. I have done so well. So if this is what I need to do to stray well, I will do it. My cats will be happy to have me all to themselves for a while. Soon it will be warm enough to sit out back and read a book. We do what we have to do.
Title: Re: 6-Month Anniversary
Post by: MooseMom on March 13, 2020, 09:38:42 AM
Those are fantastic numbers, so a hearty congratulations to you, tigtink!!!

I, too, have postponed some annual checkups like my annual eye exam.  I did have labs yesterday; I thought about not going, but there is usually not that many people in the waiting room.  Surprisingly, though, there were more people there than I'd ever seen before, so that concerns me a bit.  I sanitized my hands several times while I was there and washed them when I get home, so I hope that is enough.  There has been one case of covid-19 in my country, but it is a large county, so it could have been far from me.  I don't know.

You are doing the right thing in self-isolating as much as possible.  There are all kinds of exercise videos on youtube that perhaps could help you keep exercising while home.  Maybe you could get some free weights and an exercise band, or maybe a yoga mat.  I have a strength training program I do at home.  It's simple but effective.

But yes, self-isolation can certainly bite into your social life, but hopefully all of this will be temporary.  In the meantime, enjoy your restored good health.  I am so very happy for you, tigtink!!!
Title: Re: 6-Month Anniversary
Post by: cassandra on March 13, 2020, 01:51:18 PM
Great figures tigtink, and happy six months anniversary  :cheer:
Definitely self-isolate for a bit with your WBC so low.

Love, Cas

Title: Re: 6-Month Anniversary
Post by: iolaire on March 13, 2020, 04:32:49 PM
Congratulations! Glad you are able to self quarantine.
Title: Re: 6-Month Anniversary
Post by: Cupcake on March 14, 2020, 04:42:17 AM
Great numbers, congrats. Yep, I'd do exactly as you have outlined with that low white count. I suspect it means a very low lymphocyte count (that's what mine looked like).

Best of luck!