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Title: Understanding and preventing rejection: Podcast
Post by: MooseMom on November 06, 2019, 11:29:50 AM
Lori Hartwell of the Renal Support Network, herself a 4 time kidney transplantee, has just posted this podcast on RSN's website about "understanding and preventing rejection".  It is a really interesting AND important listen for all kidney transplant patients.  It discusses, among other things, DSA tests, Allosure, non-steroid protocols and, mainly, the importance of taking your meds, especially Prograf/tacrolimus.

Title: Re: Understanding and preventing rejection: Podcast
Post by: iolaire on November 06, 2019, 02:37:28 PM
Thanks for recommending it.

My notes from the call:
Take medications, most important Prograf/tacrolimus/Envarsus or Cyclosporine, however earlier also mentioned that the Prednisone is very important and stopping it can cause rejection.

Steroid free treatments result in more rejections in his experience.  High dose and then taper to low levels is working well.

Allosure - tests for donor derived cell free DNA - donor DNA in the blood, see creatine jump around then do test and negative predictive tests is very strong - negative is accurate, positive means biopsy to look at things more

Antibodies don't matter that much these days

Babies have some sort of antibody blocker

Some anti rejection drugs can be taking during pregnancy (No Cellcept)