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Title: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Charlie B53 on July 04, 2019, 06:30:02 PM
I've spent near ALL day.  What a PITA.

What I didn't do is plan ahead.  Like save a lot of the filels on my Desktop to a flash drive.

Last week I did make a new partition on my second drive, the 2T.  Copied the C: so if I really wanted to revert to XP I should be able to.

So I've spend far too many hours digging arouond in there to recover some of those files I should have saved to a flash.

Bookmarks and Passwords would have been another thing smart to have saved easily.  But the Dumb-Ass that I am, I didn't.

A week ago or so I did find a little utility that made me a text file of Passwords, and I did put that on a flash that's in my pocket.

An hour ago I got the bright idea of trying Firefox's Sync feature.   So I tried, and they have actually improved it, it worked.  Years ago I tried it and only got Bookmarks.  This time it shared Passwords and a lot of settings.    I may have gotten lucky.

So I am near done with this Desktop, but I have yet to switch over the travel Laptop.

Seems the disc I used on this Desktop doesn't want to Run on the Laptop, not does the Flash.    Maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry cause I reallyl do rather prefer XP.  It just irritates me there isn't much of any support for anything XP.

I tried Linux for a while.  Didn't spend enough time with it to really learn enough to use it well so I stayed with XP.  If 98 would have run quicker I would likely still have it turned on.    98 and XP were so easy to tweak,  I seldom ever had any problem with either of them.

I've got a LOT of learning to do with Win 10.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Michael Murphy on July 04, 2019, 06:56:22 PM
I live in a apple universe there was a time I had switched to pcís but when my wifeís work switched from Mac to pc.  The effort to support my wife on a pc was staggering.  One day I had it and began switching back.  Now I have a 27 inch 4K iMac, 21 inch iMac, a 12 inch MacBook (24 inch HP monitor at lake house). 2 iPads,2 iPhones and 1 Apple Watch.  Now I love some window games John tiller civil war games.  I run a VM system Parallels that runs almost any os so I bought windows 10 oem 3 copies.  Every time I start it I go nuts trying to remember how to fin anything.  I to long for xp days especially since I am in a VM environment  so I maintain a untouchable copy of the os that I use to run itís a pain to update securely but the safety makes it worth it.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Charlie B53 on July 04, 2019, 07:12:11 PM
I have a few 'cloned' drives on the shelf just in case I really hose one.  I need to make 'fresh' copies again.

I'm almost afraid to let MS update anything automatically without making a clone first so when they hose the system I can just swap the drive out and be good again.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Riki on July 16, 2019, 05:31:25 PM
I don't see a whole lot of difference between Win XP and Win 10.  Mind you, in XP, it was easier to find the settings you needed to get stuff to work, but they are all still there.  It's just a matter of finding them.

I worked for Microsoft in XP support back in 2002, so it's the OS that I know the inner workings of best, but I seem to have adapted to Win 10 just fine.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Alexysis on July 17, 2019, 06:26:53 AM
Why are you so late upgrading? I switched to 10 YEARS ago.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Michael Murphy on July 17, 2019, 09:22:38 AM
Delay in upgrading can be for a couple of valid reasons.  The first is if I ainít broke donít fix it.  Second is the additional costs of up grading software.  Third is you need hardware to run upgraded software.   
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Charlie B53 on July 18, 2019, 05:02:44 PM

There is also a Fourth very valid Major reason NOT to be first to upgrade anything.

MS hisitory of rolling out an OS with defects.

I wanted to wait until I was pretty sure they have fixed most of the built in problems with the new system.
Title: Re: Upgrade XP to Win 10
Post by: Riki on August 20, 2019, 03:39:23 PM
That's why I don't upgrade right away too.  I find they foul up something pretty good in the beginning, but after the first few updates, the bugs are fixed.  I never used Win10 until I started college in 2017.  I had Win8.1 on my computer and was quite happy with it.  I still have the computer with 8.1 on it, but I bought another laptop with 10 on it so I could have the same programs that are on the school computers.