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Title: Baxter Amia - Cassette Failure "Wet" - a Tip
Post by: Marilee on March 21, 2019, 06:10:03 PM
The Baxter Amia PD machines have been having issues with getting cassette failures during the Priming part of setup - they pass the dry cassette test, we connect up all the bags, get the juices flowing and then 15 minutes into the Prime we get an error screen that says, "Cassette Failure - Press RESUME" for instructions.

My TIP: DON'T PRESS RESUME right away. Before you do, CLAMP THE PATIENT LINE. This isn't given in the instructions, but as soon as you press RESUME, the juice that's in the warming bag backflows up and out the patient line, despite it having a cap on it, and you have a wet, sticky, warm mess on the table, the machine, the floor, etc. to clean up in addition to tossing all the fluid & cassette and starting fresh. The step by step instructions in the manual (pages 288-289) call for clamping the patient line as part of Step 3, but by then, it's way too late.

And of course, if it happens often, contact Baxter and they'll likely issue another machine because I think they've got a faulty sensor problem rather than a faulty cassette problem.