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Title: Turning off machine while I'm away
Post by: JW77 on September 07, 2018, 07:05:15 AM
Hi all, the 'experts' at HDCentral seem to have ignored my question but can anyone answer me this question.

I'm away for 2 weeks in October, I really don't want to leave the machine running through its auto heat/for the RO which guzzels up water even when I'm not using it.  *well over 45 litres per clean*

The Machine is a Fresenius 5008s, the RO an Aqua C UNO H.  When I was previously away for a few days the techs said leave it on.

When I used to have my Gambro, I'd put it through rinse drain, the RO was turned off between treatments and there wasn't a problem. And of course run it through clean/heat etc thoroughly before use when I returned. Everything was turned off while I was away

Any ideas.