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Title: Glad I Cannot Read Polish!
Post by: Paul on March 01, 2018, 01:23:17 PM
Ran out of dead animal in the fridge a few days ago so have been eating tinned stuff due to the weather. Got totally fed up, so braved the snow to go to the butcher's shop. He was closed (probably having a snow day) and the only close by meat shop was the Polish deli. So I got a packet of chilled burgers from them. They worked out at about the equivalent of about twenty three cents per burger. And the shop is expensive due to the cost of importing small quantities of each item. From the mark up of items I know the price of, I'm guessing the original retail price would be about 15c per burger. I cannot read Polish, a good thing, because I doubt that I really want to know what is in them! :(

(The ingredients section lists 32 items, so not 100% beef then! The first item, which I am guessing is whatever the meat portion is -probably a cheap meat like chicken, horse, rat, or soyent green - is listed as 37.5%, so 62.5% not meat! And the description on the meat portion contains the word "mechaniczine", so I'm guessing 37.5% mechanically reclaimed rat meat! If my kidneys could take it I'd consider becoming vegetarian!)
Title: Re: Glad I Cannot Read Polish!
Post by: cassandra on March 02, 2018, 04:35:39 AM