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Title: Tapioca pearls/flour in the Battle For Phosphorus Control
Post by: YouDontKnowCecil on September 20, 2011, 02:37:28 PM
In the never-ending battle against the devil that is known as phosphorus, I propose a "secret" weapon: tapioca. Now, I am not suggesting guzzling down loads of tapioca pudding (which, by the way, probably contains a lot of phosphorus due to the dairy-product pudding ingredients, not to mention the fluid that comes from pudding), but using tapioca pearls and tapioca flour in creative ways to get the calories and carbohydrates (watch out if you are diabetic) that we need.

Comparison (information taken from livestrong.com):
100 g of tapioca flour contains 20 mg of calcium, 1.5 mg of iron, 1 mg of magnesium, 7 mg of phosphorus and 11 mg of potassium.
100 g of white wheat flour contains 14 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, 22 mg of magnesium, 108 mg of phosphorus and 107 mg of potassium.

According to nutritiondata.self.com, 100g of tapioca pearls (which is essentially like tapioca flour in chewy bead form) also has 7 mg of phosphorus.

In the world of flours and grains, that's pretty much next to nothing. I have had Indian dishes where tapioca pearls were substituted for rice, and they were mighty tasty! Possibly, I can concoct a delicious morning porridge made with tapioca pearls that is prepared the night before, and simply heat and go in the morning. Will have to experiment.

Does anyone have any creative and dialysis-friendly recipes incorporating tapioca flour or tapioca pearls?