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Title: I dont even know where to begin for a subject for this...
Post by: Idodialysis on February 05, 2011, 03:31:38 AM
            omg....   Yes, id like to let everyone knoew about a dr in Akron, Oh. and his name is swartz. he is one huge f*#**!! I was on my way to getting my transplant for my kidneys and i was at the end of all my testing and everyone voted that I was a good candidate because of my age and my health but the kidney dr that I had because of a dialysis center transfer voted against my transplant because he said that i was non-compliant!
              Check this out !! When I stared dialysis i was getting really sick during every single treatment. When I say sick , I mean throwing up and a massive headache sick. Unbearable pain that I had to go to the hospital after every single treatment that had me just about ready to give up and throw in the towel. Well you can believe it was just by luck or what ever you believe in but I have no choice but to believe that it was God that had everything to do with what happened here. Just about when I was ready to give up and not do dialysis anymore because it wasn't when i missed dialysis that I got sick but from dialysis. I would start to feel fine about a day after dialysis and my neph kept telling me that it was because I wasn't getting enough treatment and that I wasn't finishing treatment that I was getting so sick but I was trying to tell him that I felt OK when i didn't do dialysis & sick when i DID do dialysis. Well it just so happened when i was in the hospital that hey found out that my brain was bleeding. So when i was sleeping they drilled into my head and drained the blood out of my brain. It actually was one of the ventricles was filled with blood and it was supposed to be filled with spinal fluid from what I understand. So it was drained of the blood and it filled back up with spinal fluid. They closed my head back up and when i went back to dialysis i still was getting somewhat of a headache. so they decided that since i had just had brain surgery that they wasn't going to use heparin to thin my blood during my dialysis treatment and just do flushes so my blood didn't clot and when they didn't use the heparin my headaches were completely gone !!!!  I don't even mind doing dialysis anymore because the headaches are gone. I feel a little tired at the end and a little dizzy from low blood pressure but i can deal with that! My point is that the dr was wrong and caused me to miss my transplant because he was wrong! Ohh....I would love to get take a bat to his head and do some damage to him as he has done damage to me ! Ill leave it in the Lords hands and I will move on and pray that I do the right thing and what ever happend its his will and its for a reason. I'm just taking things one day at a time now and If I can help 1 person with my story or what i have been through than it would make me feel that what has happened to me it was worth it.

OK, Now that i blew all that steam off!
Thank u for reading my story and that's just the beginning of what I have had to go through so far in just my 3 short yrs of dealing with kidney failure.
Title: Re: I dont even know where to begin for a subject for this...
Post by: Sax-O-Trix on February 05, 2011, 03:52:08 AM
Do you already have a living donor or are you trying to get on the UNOS list? 
Title: Re: I dont even know where to begin for a subject for this...
Post by: willowtreewren on February 05, 2011, 06:48:36 AM
If you are trying to get listed, I would definitely contact the head of your transplant center and ask that your records be reviewed to show that you were not non-compliant, but suffering from another medical condition.

It is important to be calm when contacted them. Try not to say bad things about the doctor who gave the erroneous report, because it will not do you any good to get a reputation for being anti-medical profession. Just say that you would like a chance to clarify why you might have been considered non-compliant.

The point is that you want the transplant team to recognize that you are a good candidate for getting a transplant. Be sweet, be cooperative, but fight for this opportunity.

Aleta (husband 2 days post transplant, who was denied going on the list for other reasons....6 month delay caused by a "stupid" social worker!)
Title: Re: I dont even know where to begin for a subject for this...
Post by: kitkatz on February 06, 2011, 06:57:27 PM
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