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Title: PCT's that donate
Post by: ChickenLittle56 on August 26, 2010, 01:53:35 AM
9 years ago when I started D at my first clinic I started noticing how everything going on around my chair and machine. I see that all the techs replacing the empty bicarb jugs all except for one tech. The other tech around her got her jugs and placed it on the machine. One day I asked her why do the other techs do her part of the jobs. She told me that she donated her kidney to a family member several years back. We talked a while about the transplant and she showed me her scar. That scar was long. She told me because they had to through some muscle it would hurt now when she bend her back for any length of time. After that day I respected her more than any other worker at the clinic. She left the clinic after a few years and moved to a southern state. I have yet to meet another tech who has given that kind of commitment. I am pretty sure they are out there but they are far and few between. Thank you Esther for showing the compassionate side of being a tech.
Title: Re: PCT's that donate
Post by: Dianejt on August 26, 2010, 05:28:34 AM
The dialysis nurses at the hospital where Frank goes are so wonderful to him , all the other patients & me. I realize it is not a "for profit clinic" as most dialysis people go to. There are 6 nurses, a social worker and doctors. Our Dr is in at least twice a week & according to Jane, one of the nurses, he will call for info on one of his patients even on his scheduled Saturday off.  I have felt true compassion from these people who take care of the people we love. They always have a smile & gentle hand. They have the rolled up towel Frank likes to use for a pillow along with 3 blanket ready for him, placed one at a time whenever he needs. I cannot imagine anyone having to deal with someone with an attitude, I'm so sorry some have to deal with that.
Title: Re: PCT's that donate
Post by: Rerun on August 26, 2010, 08:55:48 AM
I have often thought if a person can live a normal life with only one kidney......  how can these people who see us suffer day in and day out still be walking around with 2 kidneys?  How can a nephrologist watch a child suffer and die and not be tested?  I don't know.  At least if they gave one kidney and it was gone then they could not give again and they would have tried.  But all the techs and nephrologists I know have 2 fully functioning kidneys.

Maybe they know something we don't.    ???   Maybe they can't be down for 3 weeks?   ???
Title: Re: PCT's that donate
Post by: ChickenLittle56 on August 26, 2010, 10:34:56 AM
This is why I respect Esther more than any other pcts that I've been around. There are very few other pcts that are compassionate and caring but doing that ultimate deed of donating a kidney(or liver, bone marrow) makes them the top of my list of best pcts.

Rerun you are right that they all have 2 working kidneys and there should be a little more donations from them. I am hoping that there is higher incident with those working with children on dialysis.
Title: Re: PCT's that donate
Post by: Des on August 27, 2010, 03:20:55 AM
I heard the other night that my neph's mom is on dialysis, he is not giving her his kidney (don't want to know why not, he just said no,"I am not getting tested") and he knows MORE on what we go through than anyone else.
Most of them are scared that they might loose the function of the "remaining" kidney.... I know this because I asked a few of them if they have ever thought of donating.

I can't even get family to donate so I really can't ask a relative stanger to donate. Let's face it "We" are just a job to them. They get paid to look after us. No strings attached..