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Title: Allergies to artificial sweeteners.
Post by: kristina on December 02, 2009, 12:29:34 PM

I had no response to my question about whether there may be additives in processed (ordinary) white sugar.
The reason why I put this question is because I am allergic to artificial sweeteners,
therefore I just wondered if there may be now additives in ordinary white sugar?

To draw a not too dissimilar parallel  (though I am a non-smoker),  one could take
the example of cigarettes and nicotine substitutes and either way there are ingredients
which cause dependency and health problems.

Granted, white sugar appears quite harmless,
but is it?

In my experience just a small amount of artificial sugar can give
some negative effect on my health.

I bring these matters forward because ordinary white sugar and artificial sweeteners
seem to be introduced into a vast number of food products.