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Title: A helpful website
Post by: TiffanyJean on May 24, 2009, 11:47:56 PM
Hi All!!

Hope this is the right place..

Well Richie and I both need to lose weight - him for his transplant, me because for the first half of this journey (until I found IHD) Ben & Jerry were my support system.  :P So part of us losing weight, is eating healthy and counting our calories; the other is going to the gym - which hopefully at our next appointment (near the end of June) we will get clearance.

Anyways we have both signed up on this great FREE website called SparkPeople.com its a really great website that lets you track what you eat, and has recipes, and work outs and is kinda like Weight Watchers - because you get points and little trophy like things. it also has many different support groups that you can join, with forums; as well as profile pages so you can stay connected with people who are there to support you. :)

I really like it so far and I've only been doing it for about a week, and have already lost 3lbs. :)

Thought I would share because finding something like this that is FREE is always nice!  :2thumbsup;

BTW for anyone that has an iphone/ipod touch - they have an app so you can keep track of things while away from your computer (you just need wifi (ipod touch)).

If you join and mention me (skinnybbird) then I earn extra points! :)


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