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Title: The making of me..
Post by: redheadedangel on September 03, 2006, 01:15:50 PM
Some people call me a Hell Cat.. I call it Gods work!

As so many people seem to have
great issues with those with redhair..or perhaps it's just me..LOL..yea, It's just me, Sassy lil me...But my spirit is mine and ya'll can't take that from me... Neither can you have my Southern charm...LOL...
Some say I’m mean... Some say I’m a hell cat. Others claim I am an angel...Trying to determine
exactly when this all started... might have been when I had to start fighting... LOL… Red hair, HA! God does have to give a child a temperament to defend herself if he’s going
to bless her with a mess…
Later, much later in life needed to make a whole lotta decisions,
not complaining... had to do what I had to do…Still do..Yep. Not a feminist, Just a single gal trying to make it til that right man steps in front of me long enough to know it’s
right for both of us.. Might happen, Might not, Can’t worry bout that.. Too many important things got to take care of… Still, not complaining.. Whoa.. Heart attack! Working
too hard woman...90 hours a week as a trauma nurse. Are you crazy? Guess you need a lesson! Take thing a little slower…
God says…Woa…Heart attack#2 you can’t slow down that quick when you’re used to working that hard! God says.. Lesson numero two…Take a lesson here young lady…You are not invincible! I am in control, Not you!... Trauma team lost me…. I’m back…Heaven did‘t wants me… Hell wouldn’t take me…... Not eating right, now you’re going to really have an issue…Here’s all kind of problems….Just to complicate matters, let’s reallyscrew up your system, see if you can handle all this…OK God, whatever you like, I am strong, Bring it on…OH NO…wasn’t anticipating that un sterile catheter when they did the heart cauterization… a whole new issue… infection throughout my body…Still smiling… Infection settled in legs.. Whoa..
Guess you’ll slow down now.. God says time for lesson #3.Heart attach approaching….Survived that one.. Thinking I must be part cat or angels don’t have red hair but thanks God... But still smiling, discovered even if nobody else appreciate
it, God seems to like my silly lil humor and sarcasm…Thinking we have a deal.. He helps me, and I will help others when I make it through all this… Whoa, not good news, infection now staph … looks like I have to have partial amputations
of both feet…That’s OK God, they say I am dying, but you knowbetter, heaven don’t have redhead angels… Still smiling..
They can’t break my spirit God gave me that with my redhead hair… Brought that wheel chair in said I would have to settle with that…naw, don’t think so… two year was enough of that hell fire and a redheaded attitude… watch me and my lil self learn to defy every doctor…Did so too… Parked that Jazzy outside the rehab center in the hall, used my walker til I mounted the treadmill and learned to walk all over again…But they do lie about one thing.. Those damn things are a lot heavier than they say and they surely don’t come apart as easily as they say… . So if my redheaded attitude bothers you it’s most likely because I have spent a few days and years perfecting it…Cant paint my toes bright red to match my hair, cause I have none, Hell I only have half my feet, but bet I can out run most of you, and I wear a size 5 shoe!!!...
Makes a Southern Lady PROUD… I know I have been blessed by God to have been born a REDHEAD…. Sassy  
Title: Re: The making of me..
Post by: kitkatz on September 03, 2006, 04:55:28 PM
You go girl!
Title: Re: The making of me..
Post by: Sara on September 03, 2006, 05:02:53 PM
You should really consider writing a book or collection of essays.  You have a lot to offer a lot of other people, I think.   :)